Green Man Mala

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I made this Mala today meditating on the loving and healing energies of The Green Man. The Green Man is an iconic figure through the ages and statues and carvings of the Green Man representations are found in many countries. The archetypal role the Green Man energies represent is that of renewal, regrowth, vitality  life force, fertility, veritility, Oneness with nature and her cycles and abundance. The Green Man is often represented at this time of the year, especially from May-July where everything is green and fertile. I meditated on balance in the patriarchal masculine energies. The Green Man brings sublime physical love, passion, grounding, protection and the best that masculine energies can provide. He comes out of the forest and blesses feminine energy with all that is growth, renewal, and safety. The Green Man is the ultimate protector of authentic Divine Feminine energy. With honor and integrity, he provides for the feminine, allowing her to be open to receiving his gift. In perfect Union, they rule together, creatively and abundantly. This 8mm Mala is made with 11, then 11 (22) (44) matte black Onyx on each side and 64 green Tiger’s Eye, finished with a 12mm green Tiger’s Eye guru bead, and a pewter Green Man.