Hanuman Chakra Mala

Hanuman Chakra Mala

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One of the celebrated figures in Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman watches over those seeking to manifest courage and strength in their lives. This Mala is made mostly of Quartz which supports two of each Chakra balancing stones which are as follows:

Root Chakra- Garnet

Sacral Chakra- Peach Aventurine

Solar Plexes Chakra- Tiger's Eye

Heart Chakra- Malichite

Throat Chakra- Blue Appetite

Brow Chakra- Lapis Lazuli

Crown Chakra- Sugilite

Meticulously hand knotted with cornflower silk cord, and shimmering Mystic Aura Quartz beads, the Hanuman Chakra Mala is finished with a lovely Rose Quartz guru bead and a double sided silver toned Hanuman/Om pendant.