Majestic Sugilite Buddha Mala 

Majestic Sugilite Buddha Mala 

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Dearest Michael and San Germain


Send it all up to the Violet Flame

Direct in all that is love and peace

So I may dance in constant bliss

My Crown is pulsating ecstatically

Thank you for always loving me


This stunning one of a kind 6mm Mala was joyously hand crafted with love and prayers for peace, using Mystic Aura Quartz, and rare, authentic Sugilite. A most beautiful and powerful crystal of the Violet Ray energy, Sugilite is a premier “love stone for this age,” embodying the perfection of Divine love and the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. It brings the gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion, helping one to understand that Truth is the highest form of love, and living in one’s own truth is not only healing but empowering. Sugilite is also evocative of Arch Angel Michael, and allows for his devoted divine protection. In addition, it evokes the Violet Ray of Saint Germain, transmuting all stagnant energy into the Violet Flame. Working with, wearing or meditating with Sugilite amplifies the ability to channel high frequency Violet energy into every aspect of one’s being in order to walk the Earth in strength and grace. Sugilite reminds the soul of its reasons for incarnating, and enhances one’s understanding of the lessons which have been chosen for this journey on the physical realm. An exceptional crystal for awakening the Crown Chakra, Sugilite infuses the body with light, bringing spiritual and unconditional love in through the Crown and down to the Base Chakra, aligning all of the chakras as it goes. It is a powerful attractor of healing energies, and has surfaced to further an awareness of the connection between the well-being of the mind and the well-being of the body. Sugilite’s vibration allows one to recognize and release the harshness of the world, and to let go of sorrow, frustration, past angers and fear. Sugilite encourages forgiveness, of oneself and others, and instills confidence and a sense of freedom. It is an especially joyful stone for those who never quite fit in, and for light workers who find it difficult to adjust to the vibration of Earth. It’s positive and magical energies are further amplified by shimmering 6mm Mystic Aura Quartz. It is hand knotted on a royal purple silk cord, with gold-toned accents, and finished with a lovely Buddha guru bead, and a special Black Hills Quartz pendant. 


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